Fergus Bailey & The Teeth chat new single ‘Death Roll’, ska music, and performance inspo

If you’ve ever caught Fergus Bailey & The Teeth live, you’d no doubt understand why I’m about to refer to them as one of Sydney’s most exciting… Read more “Fergus Bailey & The Teeth chat new single ‘Death Roll’, ska music, and performance inspo”


Jordan Kenny & Mad Studio Sessions

Recently I read something that summed up the modern  reality for independent artists. It said something along the lines of, “being a musician in 2021 involves a small amount of playing music but a full time job in social media and promotion.” And if you ask any independent musician I’m certain they’d agree. You have to climb a giant building to find success as a musician, and without a major record label to provide a ladder, indie artists have to climb that building themselves, navigating social media like Tom Cruise on the Burj Khalifa in Mission Impossible 4.

Performing for the toughest crowd: A feature on busking In Sydney

lways a wealth of suspense when a busker begins to set up for the day. For many, the curiosity will never be satisfied as their suitcase guides them to their next meeting or they run sheepishly to a bus that they’ll narrowly miss. But I had nowhere to be, so I took a seat on the raw marble base of the Queen Victoria Statue to wait for a young girl to finish connecting her microphone. Her friend sat nearby in support, egging her on to help overcome any initial nerves.

Slinky Red Serve Up Another Tasty Appetiser “Writing On The Wall”

The first time I heard this track was at the Chippo Hotel, just a few months before Sydney would go into its second lockdown. I treated myself to a Newtowner and headed downstairs, completely innocent to the fact that I was about to have my socks knocked off by an Austinmer four-piece rendering some of the most authentic 70s psychedelia I’ve ever experienced. Now, you and I alike are able to enjoy “Writing On The Wall” whenever we please.

Sydney Indie-Folk Storyteller Isobel Knight Returns With Her Second Album “Here Now”

At a time when Corona was just a Mexican beer, Sydney singer-songwriter Isobel Knight slipped into the glitz and glamour of New York City to record her new record. Two years on, the independent artist’s sophomore album, Here Now is exactly that. Knight offers an honest and intimate reflection on the world as seen by the musician, in a ten-track exhibition of her breathtaking musical skillset.

Sydney Four-Piece Sunder’s Reimagining of Their track “Fruity Lexia” is One You’ll be Listening to A LOT This Year

Here’s a situation where the saying “If it ain’t broke – Don’t fix it” is completely irrelevant. The original release of “Fruity Lexia” is far from broke, in fact its a really good track. But the re-release is quite simply incredible. It’s lush, romantic and moody, sounding a bit like a more ethereal Methyl Ethel (cop that Dr. Seuss).