Recent Releases We Love

SHYGA! by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

psychedelic • Perth, Australia

Highlight Tracks

Tally-Ho • Mr. Prism • The Terrors •

Hats Off To The Green Bins

Şeytan Odama Geldi by Palmiyeler

surf rock • Istanbul, Turkey

Highlight Tracks

Doğan Güneş Bizi Yakar • Sonuçta Farklı Kafalar •

Gel Yanıma • Masum Bir Kedi

Romantic Notions by Mere Women

post-punk • Sydney, Australia

Highlight Tracks

Romantic Notions • Heights •

Someone Loves You • Charms

Smiling with No Teeth by Genesis Owusu

rap/rock • Canberra, Australia

Highlight tracks

Whip Cracker • Don’t Need You •

A Song About Fishing • Drown

On All Fours by Goat Girl

post-punk • London, UK

Highlight Tracks

Sad Cowboy • The Crack •

Closing In • Badibaba

Bystander by Cool Sounds

indie • Melbourne, Australia

Highlight Tracks

Crimson Mask • Bystander •

South of France • Back to Me

Breakfast for Pathetics by Tired Lion

grunge/punk • Brisbane, Australia

Highlight Tracks

Waterbed • ~Cya Later~ • Diet Sick •

Breakfast for Pathetics

For the first time by Black Country, New Road

cinematic/experimental • London, UK

Highlight tracks

Track X • Sunglasses •

Athens, France

The Big One Two by Dumb Punts

pub rock • Melbourne, Australia

Highlight Tracks

Harder on the Head • Breaking My Brain •

Fifty-Four and Nine • I’ve Gotta Fix

A Piper For Janet by Cosmo Pike

soul/indie • London, UK

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It’s a four track EP and it all bangs!