Sounds Like… Aussie artists on the same wavelength as familiar favourites

57 great Australian artists for fans of Nirvana, Joy Division, BROCKHAMPTON, The Beatles, The Cure, The Clash, The Beach Boys, Blondie, Surf Curse, Gorillaz, The Rolling Stones, Mac DeMarco, Bob Dylan, The Go-Betweens, The Smiths, Gang of Youths, Calvin Harris, DEVO, Avril Lavigne, Grimes, Jungle, Prince, The Strokes, Violent Femmes, Jefferson Airplane, Anderson Paak., My Chemical Romance & Led Zeppelin.

Sounds Like… Nirvana

The vitriots

The Sydney three-piece only had a short stint as a band before calling it quits last year but they left us with a small collection of 90s inspired stonkers.

Ruth Carp and the Fish Heads

Ruth Carp is the founder of a popular Vintage Store in Manly, Henrietta Skate but on the side he creates a really dreamy brand of grungy surf rock.

The Buoys

The all female Sydney four-piece, The Buoys, shred and are an act to keep a close eye on.

Sounds Like… Joy Division

City Calm Down

City Calm Down decided to call it quits in 2019, but their three albums are underrated classics. Apparently the late Michael Gudinski, founder of Mushroom Records, “wouldn’t shut up” about the Melbourne four-piece and you’ll understand why if you dive into their discography.


Synthy and atmospheric with gorgeous vocals that tell stories of their home town, Bendigo.

Sounds Like… Brockhampton

Agung Mango

Aussie artists that are better* than familiar favourites. Could be a hot take but have a listen and see for yourself.

Sounds Like… The Beatles

Bones and Jones

This isn’t their most Beatle-eske track, but it bloody slaps.

Noodle House

They’re psychedelic, they’re warm and they’re polished. Enjoy the 70s nostalgia.

Luke Spook

Tongue-in-cheek fun with a side of kazoo.

Sounds Like… The Cure


Very high quality Jangle rock.

Kitschen Boy

Melbourne trio Kitschen Boy are perfect for literally any time of the day in any setting.

Sounds Like… The Clash

A. Swayze & the Ghosts

Modern day Punks.


Sydney boys who like their riffs hot and vocals passionate.

Sounds Like… The Beach Boys

Hobsons Bay coast guard

Get a load of these harmonies from Melbourne’s Hobsons Bay Coast Guard.

Sounds Like… Blondie

Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

First off, what a top name. Second, this is great.

Georgia June

Georgia June has one of the coolest aesthetics in the Aussie scene and they back it up with even better music. If you’re a fan of Blondie or INXS they’re definitely a band for you.

Sounds Like… Surf Curse


Candy is the solo project of Callum Newton, one third of Lunatics on Pogosticks. He’s released a fair bit of music and it’s all really worthwhile.

Dying Adolescence

Just some really good sadboi surf rock from Sydney Bedroom producer Michael Barker.

Sounds Like… Gorrilaz


A side project from Jamie Timony of These New South Whales, teaming up with Jake O’Brien to make art-punk.

Sounds Like… The Rolling Stones

The Pinheads

If you don’t enjoy this, you’re wrong.

The FRIENDLY Friends

One of Sydney’s most exciting live acts, The Friendly Friends are reviving rock and roll.

Sounds Like… Mac Demarco

The Babe Rainbow

High chance you’re already familiar with the Babe Rainbow, but if not, you’ve got so much music to look forward to.


Bouncy, surfy and psychedelic.


Melbourne’s Redspencer are perhaps one of Australia’s most overlooked bands. I can guarantee you’ll be an instant fan of this track.

Sounds Like… Bob Dylan

James Bennet

James Bennett is a huge fan of Bob Dylan and it definitely shows in his music. He’s the definition of talented has plenty of hidden gems to love.

The Slingers

Sounds more like Paul Kelly but for the sake of limiting subheadings, this is a track that I have no doubt Bob Dylan fans will enjoy.

Sounds Like… The Go-Betweens

Flower Truck

If The Go-Betweens had a synth, they would be Flowertruck.

Big White

God this track is fun.

Bored Shorts

Classic Australian surf rock, delivered with passion.

SOunds Like… The Smiths


Skivvy central, sounding like a more poppy version of The Smiths but dressed like Bono.


The jangle of the Smiths with Australian twang.


Stumps frontman Kyle Fisher has the most gorgeous voice.

Sounds Like… Gang of Youths

Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird

So good even Dave Le’aupepe himself is a fan.

Neighbourhood Youth

Bringing you washed out guitar tones and beautiful melodies.

Sounds Like… Calvin Harris


I’m talking the Acceptable in the 80s days. Poolroom. isn’t taking things too seriously but the results are *mwah*.

Heaps Good Friends

I don’t know how this track is so good since its basically just one chord the entire way through. But it is.

Sounds Like… DEVO


This is probably the best comparison on the list if I’m honest. If you’ve ever thought “I need a song that’s an original but sounds like it’s a cover of DEVO’s cover of ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’,” then this track is perfect for you.

Sounds Like… Avril Lavigne

Eliza & The Delusionals

This one’s dedicated to anyone that jumped around their room singing Avril Lavigne’s ‘What The Hell’ into a hairbrush at some point in their childhood.

The Lazy Susans

FKA Antonia & The Lazy Susans, the Melbourne four-piece were born to make pop-punk.

Sounds Like… Grimes


If you like pop music that’s a little whacky, this one’s for you.

Sounds Like… Jungle

First Beige

Jazz funk band from Brisbane who dabble in the world of lo-fi.

The Regime


Sounds Like… Prince


I know this this is a hot take but I’m not a huge fan of Prince. But I LOVE Harts. He’s also been compared to other music royalty such as Lenny Kravitz and Jimi Hendrix but I’ve gone with Prince because the late artist asked Harts to jam with him after the release of the Melbourne artist’s debut album.

Sounds Like… The Strokes

Concrete Surfers

One of my favourite tracks of all time, combining guitar like the strokes with Aussie surf-punk vocals.

Pretty Littles

One of the greatest bands to never get as much love as they deserve. After 10 years of releasing music they’re still touring and recording so fingers crossed they’ll get the exposure they’ve more than earned.


BLAND are “unfazed by current music trends” and creating music that they love and you should too.

Sounds Like… Violent Femmes

Fight Ibis

Inspired and reminiscent of the Femmes, but with a bit dollop of swing.


This track isn’t on YouTube but it’s too good not to include.

Sounds Like… Jefferson Airplane


Very dreamy psychedelic rock.

The Uplifting Bell Ends

A haunting track about being haunted by the end of the world, yet there’s something peaceful and beautiful about it.

Sounds Like… Anderson Paak.

Planet Vegeta

Western Sydney rap trio Planet Vegeta delivering funk and vibey synths.


Bread Club would sit nicely in the middle of a Venn diagram of Anderson Paak. and Jungle.

Sounds like… My Chemical Romance


This is what choruses were made for.


Some real Tony Hawk Pro Skater nostalgia here.

Sly Withers

Perth punk perfection.

Sounds Like… Led Zeppelin


Big Kashmir vibes.

Cosmic Flanders

A bit of Pink Floyd in this one as well from Sydney group Cosmic Flanders.