“Broken WIcker Chair” by James Bennett

Take 4 minutes out of your day to relax, get cosy with James Bennett and let his new single “Broken Wicker Chair” run its fingers through your hair. It’s the second single released by the Newcastle singer-songwriter since his 2019 album This Time Tomorrow.

Hit play, and Bennett will draw you in with gorgeous harmonica. Then, if you close your eyes, he’ll paint a vivid picture on the inside of your eyelids that tells a story of disconnection from the world. The lyrics are written beautifully to the point where they’re almost bewitching as he describes a Grandfather Clock that was thrown away, “And the time was stuck at 12/ Pointing straight up at the books on the shelf/ That I didn’t read ’cause they belonged to someone else.”

Bennett is no stranger to using an intriguing array of instruments, incorporating a Weissenborn Lap Steel, harmonica, both 6 and 11 string guitars and a stomp box into his live performance. “Broken Wicker Chair” is no exception, with harmonica and organ complimented by the banjo plucking away, that sounds like it’s coming from the veranda out the front (regardless if you have one or not).

There’s no doubt you’ll adore this track if you’re a fan of Bob Dylan, The War On Drugs or to hit a little closer to home, Paul Kelly or Kim Churchill. It’s one of those songs that despite being 4 minutes long, seems to be over in seconds.

“Broken Wicker Chair” is perfect for when you’re rugged up on a chilly day with a warm beverage and bonus points awarded if you’re sitting in front of a fire. But in the unlikely scenario that you’re not in that setting as you’re reading this, don’t fret because the warmth of Bennett’s resonant vocals will compensate for your lack of comfort and fire. Listen to “Broken Wicker Chair” now on your favourite streaming platform!