Sydney four-piece Highline deliver their second EP Off Track, packed with fruity guitars and homely vocals. The group spent a good chunk of 2020 writing and recording in the iconic The Grove Studios, originally built by Garry Gary Beers of INXS. Get a taste of Highline as they live, laugh and love with you on this well-delivered EP.

“Staying Sane” is a perfect reminder of Summer as the weather gets a tad too cold in Sydney.  Clever guitar sparkles while warm synths and pretty melodies sit, smoking under a tree and adding a glorious touch to the picturesque scene. 

The glass shattering at the start of “Call Out” sets the tone nicely for this track, ‘cause it’ll make you want to kick over a wheelie bin (or something naughty like that). Highline have got the pauses down pat on this one, which along with the lyrics, get a little bit of sass happening. But the real fun is brought about by what isn’t said, “And you’re feelin’ you’re in luck/ She might take you up on a drink but she knows you’re a…” – take that how you will.

“Chasing Heaven” was the second single Highline previewed before the release of the EP. It’s got a slick rhythm in the verses that sounds heavenly (haha) against the fiddly guitar riff, transitioning into a chorus that you’ll definitely hear the crowd yelling if you head to one of their upcoming shows in Sydney and Newcastle.    

Highline tap into their emotional side on “Chiswick Park” and you get a glimpse of just how good Sam Rigney’s vocals are. Then the strings ease in and absolutely send the song soaring. 

If you’ve ever played out Catfish and the Bottleman’s The Balcony in full, the feeling you’re left with at the end of “Tyrants” is what you can expect after “Busy” ties off this EP. It starts with a clean and complex riff complimented by drums that russel up a bit of punchiness. Then you will be served with a gorgeous bridge that’s a little bit vibey and shimmers with cymbals. And finally, for their last act, Highline whip out two and a half minutes of intense shredding that will end with you turning to your left in awe like you’re a character on The Office breaking the fourth wall.