Sydney Four-Piece Sunder’s Reimagining of Their track “Fruity Lexia” is One You’ll be Listening to A LOT This Year

Here’s a situation where the saying “If it ain’t broke – Don’t fix it” is completely irrelevant. The original release of “Fruity Lexia” is far from broke, in fact it’s a really good track. But the re-release is quite simply incredible. It’s lush, romantic and moody, sounding a bit like a more ethereal Methyl Ethel (cop that Dr. Seuss).

Now bear with me for an elaborate analogy. 

Picture the track “Fruity Lexia” as a delicious pudding (I’ll let you pick the flavour). Now, Sunder left their first batch of “Fruity Lexia” pudding in the oven for the exact amount of time that Donna Hay recommended, producing a beautifully formed and tasty dessert. The four-piece have then made a second batch of pud, which they took out of the oven just that little bit earlier, leaving us with a gooey version of the track that’s even more indulgent than the first. One that you might just eat a little slower to savour the moment. 

They’ve accompanied the track with a slightly hypnotic ‘Goon of Fortune’ inspired visualiser that’ll make you feel like you’re lying on a warm patch of grass, with nothing else to do but stare at the clear sky through the wires of the clothesline. A perfect embodiment of how this song will make you feel.

My words don’t do this track justice so you should definitely have a listen for yourself right now. ENJOY :))