Asteroid Blues kick things off with a promising debut “Caffeine & LSD”

Taking inspiration from Ocean Alley, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, Sydney five-piece Asteroid Blues have dropped their debut single “Caffeine & LSD”.

The thing I love most about this track is the way it kicks off as a high energy, alt rock song that struts assertively with a cleverly thought out riff, then shifts so elegantly into the second verse that calls a halt to the strut, but instead starts bouncing off the footpath with each step, like that AirPod ad with the business man who leaps over the bus stop with one mighty bound.

Whenever I hear a great intro I’m always worried that the vocals will come in and ruin the track, but this was so far from the truth for the Sydney outfit. In fact, there really isn’t an aspect of this track I can fault. The bass-line is secure and fits beautifully with the vocal melody while heavy use of the high-hat propels the drums to give the track a bit of a disco groove. The guitar tone in the verses has been selected carefully to give you chills and choruses belong to a riff that alternates to have the effect of a key change without the song turning into a show-tune.

“Caffeine & LSD” is out now! Check it out below or on Spotify.