Miami Horror’s Joshua Moriarty returns with cinematic duet “Let Me Down Easy”

Written in his kitchen and recorded with acclaimed singer-songwriter Coco Reilly, “Let Me Down Easy” is a gorgeous duet that will transport you to a mid-century cinema – a time when the entire audience would clap at the end of a film.

Moriarty describes the track as “morbidly romantic”, contrasting intimate vocals with eerie orchestral elements that prowl behind the cover of plucked guitar, piecing together a greyscale transmission in your mind.

The track was brought to life by ARIA winning producer Tony Buchen, pointing the spotlight on robust vocal performances from Moriarty and Reilly while employing the instrumentation to drive home the emotion of the duet.

If you’re in the mood for nostalgia this morning, “Let Me Down Easy” is guaranteed to provide. Have a listen on your favourite streaming platform or the convenient YouTube link below.