Angelo Benz soars on new track “Birdman”

Following his track “Valentine” released last month, Angelo Benz is back with a hyperpop stonker “Birdman”. The Sydney based producer has built a following from his SoundCloud releases to date, covering a bunch of genres from Pop Punk to Electronic.

Lyrically, Benz swerves from tongue-in-cheek to being upfront about struggles in lockdown. If you’ve been thinking about buying a caravan and living off the land or maybe something more along the lines of sailing out to the Bahamas – either way, this track has all your quarandreams covered.

“Birdman” is the first track the Sydney musician has released on major streaming services and despite the lush production, Benz’s SoundCloud roots still shine through. He mixes dreamscape synths with a heavier, off-beat synth bass to create a track that would be a perfect inclusion for the next NBA 2k soundtrack.