The Shang chat about their song cover fantasies, new single “All For Show” and stealing their girlfriends’ shampoo

Pinnies: So how did the new single, “All For Show” come about?

Zac: So we basically did a draft remix for the Triple J Unearthed supergroup comp, and we sort of just pulled out parts from that in the studio. We didn’t end up submitting it, but we liked the sound of the track so we pulled little parts out and sort of just filled in the rest in the studio.

Pinnies: Did you end up using any of the samples from the supergroup audio?

Zac: Yeah, so pretty much all the samples we left in that supergroup mix and just put our own stuff in “All For Show”.

Pinnies: You’ve been doing a few covers on instagram during quarantine which I’ve been loving. If you could see any artist do a cover of any song. Who would it be and what song would they cover? 

Aiden: Well thinking back, this one has already been done but, DMA’s – Believe. Yeah, that one’s definitely up there. I think Tommy O’Dell’s voice just really suited that song and made me appreciate it a lot more. ‘Cause I wasn’t a massive fan of (the original) to begin with, but DMA’s just make anything awesome. So I reckon just DMA’s doing anything from the 80s would be sick.

Zac: I like Triple One’s remixes and their Like A Version was pretty sick, I don’t know what I’d like to hear them cover in particular though.

Pinnies: You’ve both got luscious heads of hair, do either of you have a hair care routine that keeps it looking fresh?

Aiden: My hair’s at its best is when I steal my girlfriend’s Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. That’s the shit man. It’s expensive, but like, it just makes it so luscious.

Zac: Yeah, I’d have to say when I steal my girlfriend’s purple shampoo, it makes my blonde parts come out. So yeah, other than that, my hair is pretty much just bedhead and kind of ratty and rank so every time I’m at her place I tax a little bit of shampoo and conditioner.

Pinnies: What’s the story behind the video for “All For Show”?

Zac: Well without getting too ‘film wanky’, we sort of wanted to portray the song in a sense with the shaky shots and then more calm shots. But other than that, we sort of just gave full creative control to Michael because he was out of lockdown when that was shot. So we just gave him full control and he got one of his mates, Christian, to act in it because we were all stuck in Sydney. So we said, “Go hard, we’ve known each other for years and years and years so you know what we like and you know the vibe we’re going for.”

Aiden: We didn’t originally plan to have the music video on someone completely separate from the band, but we just kind of had to because we didn’t have any other choice and it ended up turning out pretty good. So I think we were happy about the decision we made.

Pinnies: Have you guys got any other plans for lockdown?

Zac: I’ll probably just keep writing after this release. Try to keep writing and think of something to work on in the studio once we get out of lockdown I s’pose. Get some more music out as soon as possible.

Aiden: We want to be in the studio pretty soon, but we’ve obviously had to push it back. But once all the boys are out of areas of concern, then we’ll be in the studio as soon as possible.

“All For Show” is out now on your favourite streaming service. Check out the incredible music video below!