Set the tone for your Sunday with Swoon’s latest single “Safeguard”

With two fabulous EP’s out in the world, Swoon has really captured the essence of lo-fi surf rock. “Safeguard” is the fifth track released by the Yugambeh based musician so far this year and it’s mandatory listening.

The detail in the production of this track has been carefully perfected to create an ambiance that is both suspenseful and relaxing at the same time. To describe the track through visuals, imagine a hair-raising synth waltzing with Nirvana-esque guitar on the balcony of Xanadu, the mansion from Citizen Kane but instead of the scrap yard out the front, the Castle overlooks a tranquil beach with abandoned sandcastles being dissolved by a rising tide.

The vocals almost act like a breeze passing through a house between two open doors. They’re quiet and subtle but if you listen to them properly, you’ll notice the rhythmic melody that left me no choice but to add the track to my latest playlist.

If you’re a fan of Beach Fossils or The Drums, you’re going to absolutely love Swoon. Check out “Safeguard” below or on your streaming platform of choice.