Experience post break-up freedom with Punko’s debut single “Undivided”

2021 is looking like a phenomenal year for local synth-pop. Just a couple of weeks ago, These New South Whales’ frontman Mossy released a Kate Bush-esque masterpiece “Shade”, Flyying Colours shared a fantastic shoegaze fuelled sophomore album and on Sunday, Awabakal (Newcastle) based artist Punko has delivered one of the strongest synth driven tracks of the year.

“Undivided” is a song of Freedom in theme and feeling. A track that will quiver in your ears. One you could imagine backing a dream sequence in an indie film. The Novocastrian songwriter has consciously aired a mood of positivity amongst the heartache of faded love to remind listeners of the freedom that comes after the initial fear of ending a relationship.

“Something got split in two/ Taken with it, my love for you” is the meditative mantra that speaks to you so directly as a listener. But regardless of the romantic stage you’re experiencing as you read this, Punko has expressed their heart’s moment beautifully. Check out “Undivided” on your streaming platform of choice or via the handy embedded video right here.