Let romæo take you inside the mind of a siren as it seduces its prey on her latest single “TAKE IT”. The Gadigal (Sydney) based musician/producer bewitches with her sixth single, inspired by her personal interest of mythological beings.

romæo detailed, “At the end of the day, I just wanted to make a catchy banger, but the lyrics are actually about The Grotesque. I’m fascinated by these mostly mythological, grotesque beings we seem drawn to – the vampire, the siren – gory but sexy figures.

“TAKE IT” is formed around 808s with glossy production that accents the ’80s inspired synths and alluring vocal effects. It’s one of romæo’s first experiments with trap beats and hyper-pop, but it’s executed as if these styles are primitive instinct for the musician.

Lyrically, this track is absorbing. It gives you both perspectives of the Siren’s encounter with the victim; the chorus taking the form of the Siren’s call, contrasted by the verses, which reply with the reaction of the prey.

Check out the visualiser below or stream on your go-to platform.