Meet Los Bitchos, the pan-continental girl band perfecting the art of surf-inspired lounge music.

Ever wondered what Van Halen would have sounded like if they were a Turkish surf-rock band? Yeah, I can’t say I have either… but that’s the sound Los Bitchos guitarist, Serra Petale channels on the group’s latest release, “Good to Go!”

The London-based girl group met through a combination of all-night house parties and mutual friends, to form an instrumental party band with a sundry mix of influences. A combination of ‘70s Anatolian rock, Madonna’s Latin-American phase, “out-of-control pop” and undecorated punk; are the ingredients that shape the four-piece’s stunning, second single. You’d expect such variety to make songwriting difficult, but Los Bitchos have found quite the opposite, with Petale explaining, ​​”it means we’re not stuck in one genre and can rip up the rulebook a bit when it comes to our influences.”

“Good to Go!” introduces itself in the style of a washed-out, Spaghetti Western soundtrack, but it doesn’t take long to transcend into a zesty, instrumental fiesta. Kinetic lead guitar grazes shoulders with a warm and hypnotic synth. Both lying on a bed of expressive, Latin percussion that assumes the reign of the track’s dynamics. 

The premise of the music video that accompanies “Good to Go!” could honestly be turned into a successful Netflix series. Los Bitchos find themselves incarcerated for “unlawful practice of vigilante behaviour” and must win a game show to grant their release. Their fate is determined by Franz Ferdinand frontman, Alex Kapranos, who guest stars as the game show’s host. 

Los Bitchos’ debut album Let The Festivities Begin! is scheduled for release early next year. Based on the two tasters the band have fed us, it’s a record that deserves more-than-mild excitement. 

You can watch the video for “Good to Go!” below.