Pinnies’ favourite albums of 2021

In no particular order, here are some records we’ve been spinning A LOT this year.

ShameDrunk Tank Pink


Amyl and the SniffersComfort To Me

Hobsons Bay Coast GuardTubular Swells

The Goon SaxMirror II

Bones and JonesGinger Gold (Farm Singles)

Mere WomenRomantic Notions

Bored ShortsWay Off!

Al-Dos BandDoing Our Thing With Pride

Candy MooreA Pull To Heal

SpookylandAdam Shivering

Fergus Bailey & the TeethUnfurl

Dr Sure’s Unusual PracticeRemember The Future? Vol 2 & 1

Japanese BreakfastJubilee

Dom & The WizardsThe Australian Cyclone Intensity Scale

Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsSHYGA! The Sunlight Mound

Dry CleaningNew Long Leg

Grinding EyesTaste the Monochrome

Flyying ColoursFantasy Country

Babe Rainbow Changing Colours

Isobel KnightHere Now

Good MorningBarnyard

James BennettLife and Life Only

Molly PaytonSlack

Genesis OwusuSmiling with No Teeth