Munroe Chat Their New Single, ‘Thank You Waiter’

Sydney-born, and Melbourne-based duo Munroe have been cooking up relatable folk anthems for the best part of two years. If you’re keen on bands like Floodlights, RVG, and The Ocean Party, you’re going to froth their new single, Thank You Waiter.

We caught up with Callum and Jonty to chat about the new single, recording music in a studio for the first time, and eating alone in cafes.

PINNIES: Hey! How’s your day been so far?

MUNROE: Hello! It’s been a very relaxed day. I’m currently visiting my parents on the New South Wales North Coast, so today I’ve been for a swim at the beach, played with their cats, and just had a beer at Lismore City Bowls Club. Tough, tough day.

PINNIES: First off, can you tell us a bit about your new track Thank You Waiter?

MUNROE: Our track Thank You Waiter is essentially an ode to independence. Although the lyrics aren’t necessarily happy, the mood of the song itself is fairly uplifting. We’ve tried to make a song that’s punchy and that crescendos into that feeling of freedom you find when you finally get outside of your own head.

PINNIES: Where does that song title come from?

MUNROE: I used to find it really awkward and uncomfortable eating out on my own. Don’t know why — just had that feeling that people are staring at you, when they’re not, they’re also just having a meal. The title then came from finding a bit of solace in talking to, which sometimes is just a thank you, to the waiter.

PINNIES: What meal are you most frequently thanking the waiter for?

MUNROE: A boring answer but the most honest — a parmi. It could be chicken, could be eggplant. Had a really good one at the Eltham Pub the other evening, so thanks to that waiter and compliments to the chef

PINNIES: You moved from Sydney to Melbourne just before the pandemic. What have you liked most about Melbourne since you moved?

MUNROE: The coffee!!! No, I’ve actually been loving how easy it is to get around and how there always seems to be something on. Having the option to see live music any night of the week has been unreal. And generally, the people you meet here are really nice (no disrespect to Sydney).

PINNIES: This was the first track you haven’t recorded in your lounge room. What was your first studio experience like?

MUNROE: A bit daunting at first — was very worried about continually messing up takes and it was taking a good two hours just to lay down a single track. But that feeling quickly passes. We recorded with Cliff Gravelle in his home studio in Nelson Bay and he made it really clear from the outset to just do what we like, not to stress, that this is going to be a lot of fun. And he was right. Having a soundproof room was also very nice. Very different to screaming in an apartment in Richmond with neighbours all around.

PINNIES: What was the last song you heard that you wish you had written yourself?

MUNROE: I have these thoughts a lot and then I get out of writing music for a while but the last song I wish I’d written would be One More Day by The Slingers. It could be the only song that as I listen to the lyrics I can vividly see the story being sung in front of me.

Thank You Waiter is out now wherever you consume your music. Check out the music video below!